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900 Euro state subsidy for the purchase and instal­la­tion of wallboxes.

Wallboxes from Elli – the ID.Charger

Elli is a subsi­diary in the Volks­wagen Group and a provider of energy and charging solutions. We and our customers have been eagerly awaiting the market launch of the first wallboxes. At the beginning of September 2020, the first ID.Chargers were delivered to company car owners in the Wolfsburg area. CUBOS was there from the very beginning. We don’t know whether we commis­sioned the very first “Elli”, but defini­tely one of the first.

The ID.Charger is available in three versions. As a basic variant, as Connect with app control and RFID activa­tion, and as Pro with integrated electri­city meter.

The ID.Charger always has a perma­nently attached cable with a type 2 plug and a maximum charging power of 11 kW.

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FAQ about the Elli

Based on our customer contacts and our practical experi­ence, we have compiled the most important points about the ID.Charger here. Incident­ally, the SEAT Charger and CUPRA Charger - also available via - are identical in design and price.

The information is checked and updated regularly, most recently on 06.11.2020.

CUBOS is not Elli. Therefore, we cannot make any binding state­ments about the availa­bi­lity of the ID.Charger. Delivery times of three to four weeks are currently estimated for all models. This also applies to the SEAT Charger and CUPRA Charger. The date of delivery start of the SKODA Charger is still unknown.

According to the Elli Website, the Connect and Pro models will be eligible for funding in accordance with KFW funding guideline 440. Instal­la­tions will therefore be subsi­dised with 900 euros per charging point, provided the condi­tions are met.

The same applies in the SEAT / CUPRA Shop by Elli. Connect and Pro are eligible for subsidies.

For those who want to opt for the low-priced basic model, it is already clear today: this is not eligible for subsidies. Therefore, you do not have to wait for 24 November.

Currently, the app control of the ID.Charger is not yet available. This should change by the end of the year at the latest.

However, the recogni­tion of an ID.Charger in the Volks­wagen app We Charge already works.

The ID.Chargers are always delivered with a perma­nently attached cable with a type 2 plug. Optio­nally, the standard cable length of 4.5 metres can be extended to 7.5 metres.

The housing serves as the cable holder. The cable is looped around the wallbox when not in use.

The connec­tion cable can be fed into the wallbox from above or below.

Connec­tion capacity
1-phase, 230 V, 32 A, 50 Hz.
3-phase, 400 V, 16 A, 50 Hz.

Charging capacity
7.4 kW (1-phase - 32 A)
11 kW (3-phase - 16 A)

The maximum cable cross-section for the supply line is 5x 6 mm² - but we do not use less.

Fuse protec­tion on the instal­la­tion side
- Residual current circuit breaker min. type A (30 mA AC)
- Circuit breaker 16 A (3 phase)

Residual current monitoring
IΔn AC ≥ 30 mA, IΔn DC ≥ 6 mA

Dimen­sions (WxHxD in mm)
297 x 406 x 116 - this is appro­xi­mately DIN A3

Weight 5.6 kg - 7 kg - depending on equipment and cable length

The basic version of the ID.Charger cannot be protected against unaut­ho­rised use because it cannot be unlocked via an app or RFID, nor via a mecha­nical key or similar.

The Connect variant offers activa­tion via RFID and indivi­dual control for each vehicle via an app.

With the additional integrated electri­city meter, the Pro variant offers, at least theore­ti­cally, the possi­bi­lity of documen­ting consump­tion in such a way that it can be settled with one’s employer and/or the tax office. Keyword: company car.

The ID.Charger can be used to charge electric cars of various brands that are equipped with a type 2 plug. The charging power is a maximum of 7.4 kW for single-phase charging - for example on the e-Golf or e-up! and a maximum of 11 kW for three-phase charging.

Wallboxes with a charging capacity of up to 11 kW must be regis­tered with the respon­sible energy supplier, but are not subject to any approval requi­re­ments. CUBOS will take care of the appli­ca­tion and regis­tra­tion for you during installation.

We will be happy to install your ID.Charger for you within a few days.
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