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Electro­mo­bi­lity is the central topic, especially in our region. CUBOS is dedicated to the expansion of private charging infra­st­ruc­ture – an aspect that is neglected in many discus­sions. How and where should the many thousands of electric cars be charged in the future? Public fast charging points are only one part of the infra­st­ruc­ture system. Reliable charging at work and at home in residen­tial areas is becoming more and more of a challenge for the majority of e-vehicle owners as regis­tra­tion numbers increase. The imple­men­ta­tion of the new company car regula­tion in the Volks­wagen Group under­lines this once again.

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The Wolfs­burger Nachrichten reported on the joint ground-breaking ceremony with Compleo at the VfL Wolfsburg offices. A resilient charging infra­st­ruc­ture for the Wolves is being built around the stadium.

The Wolfs­burger Allge­meine Zeitung asked us for our expert view on the KFW subsidy 440 for the issue of 16 November 2020. On more than half a page, we were allowed to point out various aspects of the subsidy and also assess the Elli CHarger and the LSW Wallbox in terms of eligi­bi­lity. You can find the online version of the article on the pages of the WAZ.

We are delighted about the extensive coverage in the Wolfs­burger Allge­meine Zeitung of 13 October 2020.

More than half a page is devoted to wallbox instal­la­tion in general, Elli wallboxes, the special features in the greater Wolfsburg area. You can find the online version of the article on the pages of the

Other press features about CUBOS that we are proud of:

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