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State funding for the purchase and installation of wallboxes

All information on the KFW subsidy programme 440

900 euros in state funding for your wallbox? We have dealt inten­si­vely with KFW, asked many questions and evaluated all the forms. Here you will find a clear assess­ment of whether your project is eligible for KFW subsidy 440 - or not. It is important for us to emphasise that we do not want to talk down the funding programme. However, we have come to the conclu­sion that the funding is not suitable for everyone.

The most important thing in advance: 

Before you order a wallbox or commis­sion an instal­la­tion, it is impera­tive that you have submitted your funding appli­ca­tion and have received its approval - not confir­ma­tion of receipt. Otherwise your project cannot be funded!

If both condi­tions are met, we send you an offer in advance, and we will be happy to move forward with the instal­la­tion. And since there is 900 euros available per charging point, we also ascertain whether we can implement a second charging point at your location.

You can apply for funding for your wallbox project on the KFW grant portal in the subsidy programme 440. Click here to access the instruc­tions and the KFW grant portal itself:

KFW 440 - grant portal

A list of all eligible wallboxes and a detailed descrip­tion of the subsidy programme can be found here. Please study this infor­ma­tion carefully, as not every project is eligible.

KFW 440 – info and overview

With the following checklist we want to make it easier for you to assess whether your project is eligible for funding.

Each of the following points ensures that your project does not fall within KFW’s 440 subsidy.
  • You want to install a 22 kW Wallbox.
  • You want to install a Wallbox with an output other than exactly 11 kW.
  • You do not want to install a Wallbox, but only a CEE socket.
  • Your house connec­tion has not been converted to an eco-tariff by the time of application.
  • A very simple or non-“intelligent” wallbox is suffi­cient for you.
  • You order the instal­la­tion before 24 November 2020.
  • You order your wallbox before 24 November 2020.
  • The instal­la­tion is not to take place at a residen­tial building but at a commer­cial building.
  • The instal­la­tion is to take place at your holiday or weekend home or flat.
  • The instal­la­tion will take place in a public space.
  • Your property is still under construc­tion or has not yet been occupied.
Free appoint­ment for measu­re­ment and quotation
You must fulfil each of the following points in order for your project to be eligible for KFW funding 440.
  • You want to install an 11 kW wallbox.
  • By the time of appli­ca­tion, 100% of your household connec­tion has been converted to an eco-tariff or 100% of the electri­city required for the charging process comes from renewable energies.
  • You want an “intel­li­gent” wallbox.
  • You do not order your wallbox instal­la­tion until after you have submitted your appli­ca­tion. This is only possible from 24 November 2020.
  • You order your wallbox only after you have submitted your appli­ca­tion. This is only possible from 24 November 2020.
  • The instal­la­tion is in or on an owner-occupied or rented residen­tial building.
  • The instal­la­tion is not publicly accessible.
  • You pledge to keep the charging point in operation for at least one year.
  • You go through the identi­fi­ca­tion process in the KFW subsidy portal.
  • You provide evidence of the imple­men­ta­tion of the project within 9 months at the latest from the date of KfW’s appli­ca­tion confir­ma­tion and upload all documents and invoices to the grant portal.
  • You store all relevant evidence of compli­ance with the eligi­bi­lity requi­re­ments for a period of 10 years. This includes, for example, manufac­tu­rers’ product certi­fi­cates, instal­lers’ certi­fi­cates or instal­la­tion certi­fi­cates including the original invoices and proof of payment, for example bank state­ments, electri­city supply contract, confir­ma­tion letter from the grid operator on whether an agreement on the control of the charging station(s) in terms of §14a EnWG is necessary or required.

Legal notice: We have resear­ched and compiled the infor­ma­tion with great care. Nevertheless, we cannot guarantee its accuracy. For further infor­ma­tion, we recommend studying the KFW leaflet, which we have linked here as a PDF.