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900 Euro state subsidy for the purchase and instal­la­tion of wallboxes.

Electrical installations from a single source

CUBOS is a specia­list company for electrical instal­la­tions in the commer­cial and private sector, from new buildings to existing proper­ties. As a networ­king architect, CUBOS moves with the times - renewable energies and electro­mo­bi­lity are our focus. CUBOS eagerly awaits your ideas and looks forward to networ­king with you.

Consultation and planning

There are many questions that should be asked when it comes to electrical installation.

  • How do I plan the electrical instal­la­tion of my house or flat?
  • How extensive should the electrical equipment be?
  • How can I avoid unplea­sant surprises?
  • How can I also take future requi­re­ments into account?

Consult CUBOS. With our experi­ence in these areas, we can respond to you and your ideas in the best possible way and make your ideas tangible with concrete examples.

Tip: We advise you to plan for more connec­tions than you initially expect. True to the motto “If you buy cheap, you buy twice”. Because no one really wants multiple sockets and a tangle of cables anymore. In addition, you can always expect your stock of electrical appli­ances to increase over time.

Executed by a specialist company

CUBOS adheres to the relevant DIN standards, requi­re­ments and regula­tions of the VDE (Verband der Elektro­technik, Elektronik und Infor­ma­ti­ons­technik - Associa­tion for Electrical, Electronic & Infor­ma­tion Techno­lo­gies) for electrical installations.

As soon as the planning phase has been completed, the instal­la­tion can begin. If there is no basic instal­la­tion, such as the house connec­tion, a basis must first be created. In existing proper­ties, a connec­tion between the main line and the meter cabinet is usually already in place.

CUBOS offers a range of indivi­dual and complete services. Please contact us to arrange an appoint­ment for a consultation.

  • Indivi­dual instal­la­tions of e.g. sockets and lamps etc.
  • Instal­la­tion of charging stations
  • Complete house installations
  • Instal­la­tion of lighting systems
  • Creation of an indivi­dual, expan­dable, clear and optimised distri­bu­tion box, incl. complete documentation

Access control systems for commercial and industrial applications

Today’s security techno­logy enables compre­hen­sive solutions. Starting from access control, via mecha­tronic door terminals and inter­faces to time manage­ment, up to biometrics for the highest security demands.

Physical security and infor­ma­tion techno­logy are incre­a­singly conver­ging. Accord­ingly, you can use your identi­fi­ca­tion medium for spatio-temporal access to buildings, as well as for access to networks and computers.

Buildings with compre­hen­sive access control systems are part of our everyday life. You will encounter them, for example, in companies, municipal buildings, construc­tion sites, banks, hospitals, care facili­ties, univer­si­ties, indus­trial plants and sports facili­ties. We consist­ently implement company-specific requi­re­ments. CUBOS pays attention to user-friendly handling and practice-oriented functions.

With standar­dised inter­faces for data imports and exports, as well as innova­tive access software, the instal­la­tion effort is reduced. Whether for a door or for a complete indus­trial plant: we can effici­ently create the right solution for the indivi­dual security requi­re­ments of your company.

DGUV Regulation 3

DGUV Regula­tion 3 is a legal requi­re­ment for the safety of electrical systems and equipment in companies and public facili­ties. CUBOS will carry out this test at your premises. Contact us and arrange an appointment.

Your expert for electrical installations:

Fritz Kröger
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