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Wallbox instal­la­tions in Wolfsburg and surrounds Book a free appoint­ment for measu­re­ments and a quote now GO! With solutions from CUBOS, your home becomes smart. Book a free appoint­ment now GO!
900 Euro state subsidy for the purchase and instal­la­tion of wallboxes.

Solutions from CUBOS work – and work together!

Your dreams for tomorrow are already a reality today!

CUBOS is part of the ES-Tec group of companies and thus has its finger on the pulse of develo­p­ments in the automo­tive industry. In our networked world, systems such as “living”, “working” or “locomo­tion” can no longer be consi­dered indivi­du­ally, but as inter­con­nected. Your car becomes a rolling energy storage unit, your home knows your needs, and the controls for everything are in your pocket.

At CUBOS, we bring all systems together in a meaningful way - from indivi­dual planning to instal­la­tion and commis­sio­ning. And with our service solutions, you will enjoy the automa­tion of your everyday life for a long time.

These are the topics that drive us. Our solutions will inspire you in your everyday life:

  • Archi­tec­ture for connected living - comfort in your pocket
  • Security and burglary protec­tion through smart home technologies
  • Electrical instal­la­tions in the commer­cial and private sector
  • Energy manage­ment in the IoT - Internet of Things
  • Photo­vol­taics, energy storage and wallbox sensibly networked

Some of our satisfied customers

“I am the owner of a small fine food store. I am always concerned about sudden power outages that would spoil the food in the store overnight. Thanks to CUBOS, I can sleep better. If there is a power outage, the energy storage system takes care of supplying electri­city to the store. A solar power system makes it possible.” Silvia (53) from Lages­büttel “As I am a sales repre­sen­ta­tive, business trips are part of my everyday life. To have an overview of my house while I’m on the road, or to simulate my presence, helps me sleep peace­fully.” Jörg (54) aus Hildes­heim “I find it great that I can not only dim the ceiling light, but also indivi­du­ally change the colour of the light. I can even use it with voice control.” Nadine (39) aus Helmstedt “As the business manager of a fitness studio, value for money is parti­cu­larly important. Initially, I could not imagine how helpful a CUBOS system could be. Now I save so much time and energy.” Stefan (33) from Neukir­chen-Vluyn “Our house has 16 windows, and I am very happy that I don’t have to manually operate every shutter twice a day, but that everything automa­ti­cally opens and closes.” Bianca (34) from Lehre